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02-Oct-2017 09:56

As the name suggests, there are photos of smiling teens and silly selfies.

But for every innocent teen image, there are four or five explicit and pornographic photos and a stream of requests that invite strangers to connect and rate photos, comments that bully and belittle, and posts that share personal information and welcome members to contact and “friend” each other.

Once kids hit middle school, it’s more comfortable for the girls to learn how to “hang out” with the guys and vice versa when they are surrounded by their peeps.

As the two groups hang out together, it’s only natural, then that some pairing off occurs. For the most part, it’s flirtation in its most natural form.

When an adolescent ups the game in a group (and the group follows along), it’s called herd mentality. A group of girls and a group of guys decide to meet at the movies for a parentally sanctioned group date. "We'll cover for you and keep a look out while you and [girlfriend] do [whatever "it" is].

They walk into the theater front door, and before the movie starts, they’ve exited the side door into the alley behind the theater. The dare is made in front of peers, so most self-respecting, testosterone filled boys will feel obligated to meet the challenge.

As children become teens, the pressure to “perform” and “comply” is stronger in groups – that’s HERD MENTALITY.

It means that even the nicest, most well-behaved kid will do things in a group that he or she would never do alone or even with one other person.

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According to our teen sources, official group “dates” can be way more than simple, social “get to know me” gatherings– depending on the group.As tweens and young teens, it’s important for girls and boys to learn how to interact in positive and healthy ways.Co-ed activities, even “group dates” are great, as long as there is a safety net of supervision.It was a big story among the medical community and the community of parents. I don’t present this story to squash group hanging-out, but to emphasize the need for adult supervision–especially when group dating is going on among tweens and young teens.

Just one parent that could verify that the kids entered and stayed in the theater would prevent things like this–something that nobody truly enjoyed, but everybody felt pressured to participate in, less being extruded from the "herd." The bottom line is that for young tweens and teens, any GROUP activity still needs adult supervision (ACTIVE supervision).

The pairing off may be innocent hand holding or kissing. But for the previously “enlightened” (either through media exposure, older siblings, or personal experience), new ideas are suggested to up the game.

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